Changing playback speed of macros


I’m still trying to figure out recording (none of the interactive recordings I’ve made seem to play back without problems) so for the time being I’m accessing user interface elements by sending hotkey sequences. e.g. accessing an item in a dropdown menu in Notepad by sending key sequences; Tab, right arrow, right arrow, down arrow, to open the Format menu.

That works fine as a short term solution however playback is quite slow and I can’t see any way to change it. I tried changing the ‘waitForReady’ input parameter to NONE and COMPLETE but this seems to have no effect.


Is there any way of changing the speed at which these key commands are sent? In other automation programs I’ve used before, there was a slider input which you could use to control the playback speed of these types of actions.


There are “Delay Before” and “Delay After” properties for all UI automation activities.
They are quite self-explanatory and the values are in milliseconds.