Changing IIS AppPool Id Custom Account and SQL Server Login after installation

During an initial installation of Orchestrator I used a domain account which will probably be deleted in the future. Hence I would like to get rid of it and replace with another newly created service account. The account to be decommissioned is currently used as a custom account in Application Pool Identity. It was also used to provision a database during the installation (so there was a Login created in SSMS and mapped to the Orchestrator DB).

Changing the IIS App Pool Custom account is not a big deal I guess, but I am more concerned about the SQL Server and the database… Is there anyone who did this and could help? I would really appreciate it.

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Not sure if I understand the exact need here but you can update database connection string with the new SQL credentials at orchestrator web.config file.


I am talking about this step during installation:


The account provided will be decommissioned and I need to make sure everything will still be working. There was a login created in SSMS for this account, it’s also the DB owner.

Ok, I checked the web.config file and found the connection string, but there is no information about credentials, so I am not sure if I am missing something…

Hi ! I’m actually in the exact same situation (except the account used is already down, and as a result we can’t access the orchestrator anymore).

Do you have a more detailed description of the manipulation you made to solve this issue ? e.g.:

  • Changing the IIS App Pool Custom account ?
  • Update the database connection string (web.config file) ?

Thanks a lot for your support.