Changing font color in excel-URGENT

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i just want that Find out same part number(Column V) having different RITC(Column U)
As a result if part number(Column V) is same but RITC number(Column U) is different then RITC number should be green font or any color.

Boe (4.0 MB)

Please help to make necessary changes to the code attached.

@Nithinkrishna PLEASE HELP…!!

Hi @mitul_choudhary ,

Steps to achieve this:

1 - Read excel file
2 - Iterate in foreachrow
3 put if condition in body of loop as row(columnVName).Tostring = row(columnUName).Tostring
4 - If matched then use set color activity and pass color and range in property.

Note : create one index variable in foreachrow property so that it can be utilize in range ex - “yourheadername” + index.ToString


Thanks @ermanoj3101

Can u pls check the code attached & append above mentioned logic on it.
Coloring.xaml (26.0 KB)

Is Prev_PartNumber number coming from another sheet or file?

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no it’s just one file @ermanoj3101

is it coming from previous row of Part Number column ?

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@ermanoj3101 is it happening…?

it’s not that straight forward, will take some time.