Changing Excel Scope Activity

I am creating an automation tool that navigates to an excel dashboard accessed from an email. Is there any way to automatically update the excel scope of the activity within uipath so the tool is able to open the excel dashboard of a particular day without having to go change the path of the excel scope activity

what does this mean @csewall3
kindly elaborate a bit more on this that could help us go in a right direction


The attached screenshot is above. I was wondering if there was a way to update the file path in the ExcelApplicationScope activity based on the date, or is that something that would need to be automatically entered?

You can do DateTime.Today.ToString("M-d-yy") to get the current date in the format you have above. Then just add that into the middle of your filename to get the correct excel.
For example:
"C:\Users\...\CEVA Dashboard for " + DateTime.Today.ToString("M-d-yy") + " - B.xlsx"