Changing Data Directory From C To D For Elastic Cubes

How to Change data directory from C to D for Elastic Cubes?

Perform the below steps

  • Open C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismServer\ElastiCubeConfiguration.xml
  • Add <DefaultDataDirectory>E:\CubeData</DefaultDataDirectory> at the root level
  • Save File
  • Restart Sisense.ECMLogs, Sisense.ECMS, Sisense.ECMServer Windows services
  • Go to localhost:3030 and restart services and wait for the site to come back
  • Run C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\Tools\UiPath.InsightsAdminTool.exe enable again
  • Make sure to select Yes when prompted to delete the existing cube

Note: Take the backup of the ElastiCubeConfiguration.xml file before editing.