Changing Confidence Percentage of each field in Present Validation Station

Hello!! This is Rohit S. Lanjewar. I have created the flow and used 5 invoices for testing purposes.
Can anyone, please help me how I can change confidence percentage of each field of Invoices in Present Validation station using Intelligent Form extractor in Document Understanding using UiPath. I have used Integellient form extractor and Integellient classifier for invoices. But I need to know how I can change confidence percentage of each field properly in Present validation station. For example If Percentage of Invoice No is-: 87%. I want to change the confidence percentage to 50% and want to try with it. I want to know if I changed this percentage to 50%, how it works. I am attaching code and screenshot of the flow in the attachment. Please refer it.
Kindly anyone, please let me know the solution to this issue as early as possible as it most urgent for me for my project work.

Main.xaml (4.9 KB)

Catering_Service_Invoice_Form_Based.xaml (53.8 KB) (620.8 KB)

Rohit Lanjewar

Hi @Rohit
Did you get sorted with this issue?