Changing Careers to RPA Development - No Coding Background - Resource Help Request


48 years old, I have an accounting degree, and over 20 years of excel experience. I have no coding education or background beyond “tweaking” Excel VB Macros to suit my data set(s). I am able find Excel Macro VB Code via Google and customize it without understanding what I was doing… Lots of trial and error by run the Macro, review the results, change value(s)/code, rerun Macro, review, change value(s)/code… Repeat until the Macro yielded the needed result. (I can hear the snickers in the background :slight_smile:)

RPA Developer Foundation Progress
I am currently in the Data Manipulation lesson in the Academy, and I quickly realized, I need a better foundation in VB.Net coding if I am going to succeed.

Current Apps & Resources

    I need a tutorial that is even more elementary than the above link. The Prerequisites for the tutorial is
    stated as:
    VB.Net programming is very much based on BASIC and Visual Basic programming languages, so if you have basic understanding on these programming languages, then it will be a fun for you to learn VB.Net programming language.”

  2. Visual Studio 2019

Resources Needed

  1. Tutorials, books, websites geared towards learning the fundamentals and building blocks of Visual Basic.
  2. Coding Exercises - Websites, Books, Apps (android)
  3. Anything I have not listed that will help on my learning path.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help that is given.

Kind Regards,

I left off one link:

@R1OD1G1E, Hi I have collected some of the links to the tutorials that I always use for reference.

If you enjoy reading, this would be the best place to start, what I like about this is, its a Microsoft tutorial, it’s always kept up to date, if they release a newer version of VB.NET, Visual Studio or the .NET library for that matter, they will also update the documentation/training.

This is almost 10 years old, but for learning the basics it’s still relevant, not a lot has changed, You will probably find a lot of VB.NET tutorials on YouTube but this is one of the best, i like how it is structured and it doesn’t focus on GUI programming. Bucky takes you from the very fundamentals of programming using Visual Basics.

Bonus link:


Can you please provide the Channel name of “Bucky” on Youtube? @SenzoD

@iVishalNayak, thenewboston

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Thanks a lot

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Thank you @SenzoD, I am looking at these now!

Hey Tim, one smart and useful resource from me!
This is a little bit strange but superworking way - is noting down programming-related things which you learn via service.

By tagging programming languages on your hints will be visible to other interested people, which will ask a questions, or argue, or improve your knowledge.
Sharing new knowledge improves learning quality, speed and knowledge level dramatically.