Changes to Orchestrator API Rate Limits - Impact on GET QUEUE ITEM

Hello UiPath Community,

I’m a UiPath customer and wish to discuss the impact of the changes outlined in the Orchestrator API Rate Limits Documentation on my specific automation processes.

My processes involve a sequence of four queues, each queue represents a stage in the process. These stages work synchronously with BI dashboards for process monitoring and control. Moreover, each stage makes use of the GET QUEUE ITEM operation to check statuses or retrieve information from the other stages (queues).

Given this, the removal of large data fields from API responses raises concerns about the effects on my workflows. For instance, it may impact the ability to adequately monitor each stage of the process or to retrieve necessary information for subsequent stages.

While I understand the necessity to reduce system load and enhance performance, I am seeking advice on how best to adapt to these changes without significantly disrupting my operations.

Does anyone in the community have a similar use case? How are you planning to handle this transition? Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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We used and loved using the Queue Items / ORC Rest API as a source for reports within the end of the process or as a subsequent Reporter Process. With this approach we avoided redundant trackings.

Checking if

  • item only approach can help
  • the EXPORT alternate can be adapted

Find some feedback from UiPath:

Also feel free to use the Feedback Category and play back to UiPath your view on this

We do understand the reasons for the rate limits but maybe can find in a common dialog alternates for balancing workload and functionality


I have provided more in details regarding this please refer this answer.

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