Changes in Reading Log In Orchestrator Version Starting From 2019.10.16 (Platform Installer Version 2019.10.3)

What are the Changes with respect to reading log in Orchestrator version starting from 2019.10.16 (platform installer version 2019.10.3) ?

A new key has been added in web.config file of Orchestrator starting from 2019.10.16( platform installer version 2019.10.3) with respect to reading logs.

  • Logs.RobotLogs.ReadTarget - Configure any of the source name(database / robotelasticbuffer) as value for this key which defines from where the Orchestrator will read logs and populate.
  • By default, it is set to robotelasticbuffer. In case there is any issue with Elasticsearch, change this value to database in order to read the logs from database. Otherwise, error is noticed in logs screen present in Orchestrator User Interface( UI).