Changed Service Name - Can't Access Orchestrator

I’m brand new and exploring… and of course breaking things. Under services I decided I didn’t like the name “RickDefault” so I changed it. After changing it I was not able to click the hyperlink to load the orchestrator page. Instead I receive a message: “An unexpected error occurred”. There’s a link to a login page but when I attempt to log in there I get another failure.

I changed the name of the service back to “RickDefault” but that has not corrected the issue. If someone could tell me how to correct this I would appreciate it!


Hi @masoric,
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Do you have this button available for your service?

If yes then you should be able to add new user/edit user and give administration rights to service. Then link should be enabled for you.

If it’s not available try if logon from other web browser changes anything.

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Thank you Pablito. This wasn’t my problem. I believe there was some kind of problem on the UiPath side related to authentication when accessing the Orchestrator from the main account page. It appears to be resolved now.

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