Change value on certain cells in excel based on filters

I need help on excel filtering as follow:

I have a table with columns representing date of each day which has formula linking to other workbook. For simplicity let’s assume this column is named 16-Nov for example (there are many more columns like this in the actual workbook).

I need to change some values in column “today” (16-Nov in this case) based on the following criteria:
For each Cek Diskon SO code which Sisa is negative and Cek Diskon SO Double = Y, find rows with smallest Cek Quota then replace the value in column “today” to 0 (zero) leaving other formulas intact.

The expected result is like this

I found out that UiPath couldn’t click any individual cells in excel.
Also Filter Data Table activity could only keep or remove filtered rows and Write Range activity will only paste value when written back to the workbook (thus removing existing formulas).

Any suggestion on how to achieve this in UiPath?
Thank you.

Set some variable “Lowest_Cek” as -1, for example. (I mean value that Cek Quota can never be).
Read excel as datatable in studio.
Loop through datatable, looking for CEK Diskon SO numbers. If you find matching value, then check in this row any other requirements (eg CEK Diskon SO Double = Y and others using “AND” to join statements), and if this row meet needs, check if Cek_Quota is lower than “Lowest_Cek” variable, If yes -> substitute “Lowest_Cek” with current row Cek_Quota. You can also save pivot as row excel file number of the lowest Cek Quota, and then only Write Cell in the place you want.