Change value in Excel File while Running the Bot

Hello I have one excel file :
**Excel File **

After Reading the Excel file I am using For Each Row Activity and then do some activities for each Dealers. After completing the task of a dealer, I want to change the Status of that dealer to YES in Excel File in each iteration. So that if bot Stops halfway and restart it will only process the dealer with NO status.

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hi @RishabhMathur

use for each row in Datatable
String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“Dealers List”)
else condition pass the string var as row(“Status”)=YES in assign activity

ashwin S

Hi @RishabhMathur,

Here I have attached sample project with output.

Project file : (23.3 KB)



That makes not changes in EXCeL table , but in DataTable ( that we have got from EXCEL file). Is not?

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