Change to Token when Commit existing Project to GitHub

I have existing Project in Studio, connected to GitHub with User/Password. Everything went well since the recent change. Now I want to change to Token as this is mandantory:
Token was easy to create, but now Studio insist on the old credentials when Commit/Push. I disconnected and tried a new Git Init, but still old creds are used.
How can I switch the connection to Git now to my Token?

Hi @moenk,

Looks like somewhere old cred are being picked up.

Have you also tried deleting or renaming the cloned directory on your local as well. Because that might be still being referenced using old creds.

Then opening studio, trying to clone again with new cred?


Looks like credentials are just stored in the Windows Credential Manager:


I can confirm: Removing Creds here and generating a token on GitHub will make UiPath ask for Username and Token.