Change to Login from Start Trail throught out the UIPath website


I signed up 6 months back by now it should remember me on the website.

Change the START TRAIL button to LOGIN button.

I have signed up long back. I still couldn’t figure out where the LOGIN button is.

Use cookies to remember logins.

Platform --> START TRAIL should display LOGIN button

Studio --> START TRAIL should display LOGIN button

After clicking Start Trail

It should allow me to login after sign up 1st time. After signing up for Trail it should only display the LOGIN buttons and not the START TRAIL button.

Use Colors to highlight text in different colors in the FORUMS . See Hello World COLOR in Yahoo mail.

Hi @visajagan,
Please take a look at the fact that our website rebuild was done recently. Right not Start Trial button is only redirecting you to the option to download one of three Studio variants. Each link is redirecting to particular UiPath Platfrom site :slight_smile:

Hi Pablito,

I want the login page for each site image .

I signed up 6 months back.

I am still seeing only Start Trail its Login Page.

I see this even in an ordinary website :grinning:

UIPath is the only website I still can’t Login button.

Try to remove cookies and cache and check then :slight_smile: is different from First is the marketing website and the second is the Cloud Platform. In my opinion it’s normal to only have the Sign in option in Cloud Platform.

Maybe the button naming is not the best since you are confused. Would it help something like “Get started”?