Change the Orch Status into Inprogress

Actually i am getting the Referene data from Orch queue, by using Get Queue item Activity. After i tried to change the Orch Status New to inprogress, can pls on this


As soon as we get the Queue Item, it will automatically changes to InProgress.

You need to use Set Transaction Process activity to set the status for that transaction item in the queue if you want to do that by your own. But in the case of using ReFramework, we have that activity already in the process, so that it will automatically the change the status of the item

Yah but i am using get queue items activity, in that properties, i am giving one reference id- which is equal to my process queue, process ID and Orch queue ID is equal, that ID status has shows in InProgress?

You dont need to pass the queue name in set transaction item @aRani7,
You just need to pass the transaction item which you got in the process so that it will set the process transaction status to successful