Change the format of two columns and convert the file into txt file

i have a xlsx file which has dupliacted column names. I want to change the format of 3rd and 4th column to “yyyy/mm/dd” and convert it into txt file. i have attached the file below
Salary Payroll PE 08 17 2019 JV_Aug2019.xlsx (1.2 MB)

@Palaniyappan will appreciate your help

But i dont find any value in the 3rd and 4th column
would you like to change the datatable to a text file

first remove duplicate columns.


@Palaniyappan C2 and D2 has value. please check

but i have from 239

Cheers @shishirshetty2701

@Palaniyappan please scroll up. Iam able to get the remaning rows.