Change Tenant Licenses

Hello, how can I deactivate an Enterprise License to use it in another organization?

Hi @jose.vazquez ,
You can check this link
hope it help

  1. Access Orchestrator: Log in to your UiPath Orchestrator using your administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to Licenses: Once logged in, navigate to the section where you manage licenses. This could be in a “Licenses” or “Tenants” section, depending on the version you’re using.
  3. View Current Licenses: In the licenses section, you should be able to view the current licenses associated with your tenant. You’ll likely see details about license type, expiration date, and usage.
  4. Change or Update License: To change the tenant license, you might have options like “Change License” or “Update License.” Click on the appropriate option.
  5. Enter New License Key: You’ll likely be prompted to enter the new license key or upload a license file that you’ve obtained from UiPath.
  6. Apply Changes: After entering the new license information, confirm the changes and apply them.
  7. Validate and Activate: The new license details will likely be validated, and the new license will be activated for your tenant.
  8. Verify Changes: Once the changes are applied, verify that the new license details are correctly reflected in the Licenses section.
  9. Test Functionality: It’s a good idea to test various functionalities and features to ensure that the new license is working as expected