Change specific cell

Hi, I need some inspiration fixing my problem. As you can see in my attached file I have four NO and I would like to change the NO on K2 in my first time running the robot. The next time I run my robot the K2 should say YES instead of NO. So the next row with a NO is K3 and now when I run the robot I would like to change that cells value. Hope you understand my problem.

dummy.xlsx (21.3 KB)

@koffehemlin i am not able to understand properly of your use case…
could you please explain me again.

You can use Excel: Write Cell activity to change the cell value

In my first iteration I would like to add the first person that has a NO in “Upplagd NAV” to my website. If that is done successfully then it should change the NO to as YES. When that is done then the person object on row 2 is set to YES. If I now run the UiPath again then it should pick the object on row 3 because that has a NO in the “Upplagt NAV” column.

That doesnt work beacuse the cell number must be dynamic. The row has a NO changes everytime the robot run

In case you need to change every No in colum K to YES, use read range with the whole data tabe. Then use For each row to asign every cell in column K to YES, and write range the data table back to excel file