Change several paths at the same time

Hi, lets say I would need to change the path of a file hosted in my computer that is being used on Uipath several times, as shown in orange color on attached image. Is there any way to change all these same paths at the same time (without having to change them one by one)?

Hi @bipenett ,

One possible solution, if it fits your scenario, would be that you could try to move the parent directory of paths that you want to move

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Hello, buddy. What you mean?

Another strategy could be to flatten down the IF checks into a songle IF by

{A,B}.Any(Function (x) YourWordStringVar.Contains(x))

it will return true if the YourWordStringVar contains A and/or B

As a solution I converted all the paths into a VARIABLE, and now I will only change de variable´s path everytime I need to change the path

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