Change selector of data scraping table dynamically

Hi guys! Im quite new to UIPath so bare with me please.

I want to scrap data of a table in a website which is inside a drop-down menu. I need to search for the appropriate drop down menu and scrap the table that appears. At this point i cannot associate the selector to the drop-down element, having as a result to always scrap the data of the 1st drop-down element which was done using the recording.


To be more specific, following the screenshot provided, i want to search for the flat number from an excel, click on the drop-down element to revealed the table, and scrap the data of that table. My problem is that I am always ending up with the data of the 1st table and i cannot find a way to associate the selector with the right drop-down element.

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi moon_amlet,

If my understanding is correct that you want to scarp data from the drop down you can do the following thing:
1:Click activity on the drop down from where you want the data(make sure all the others closed).
2. Next just extract the required data from the table using get text or Anchor Base(In case you just specific component in the table).

Hope I gave sensible solution.

Can I have the url of the website so that I can try from my and end and try helping you out.