Change selector for recognizing different outlook names

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Is there a way to change the selector to pick up different New Email Subject title?
Example, i downloaded a report from SAP and save as ABCDDMMYYYY.xlsx
As the dates changes everyday, the file name is different each time i share this report out via email.
And the selector for the email’s title changes every time. Is there a wild option that i can use?

Below is two example of my selectors:

Example 1:
< wnd app=‘outlook.exe’ cls=‘rctrl_renwnd32’ omit:title='ABC07182019.xlsx - Message (HTML) ’ />
< wnd aaname=‘Form Regions’ cls=‘AfxWndW’ />
< wnd ctrlid=‘4099’ />

Example 2:
< wnd app=‘outlook.exe’ cls=‘rctrl_renwnd32’ omit:title=‘ABC07182019.xlsx - Message (HTML) ’ />
< wnd aaname=‘Form Regions’ cls=‘AfxWndW’ />
< wnd cls=’_WwG’ omit:title=‘Dear All, ABC for 18/07/19FYA.’ />

Thanks in Advance!

you can use * instead, * which means can be anything

example title=’*’

then the robot will read different title in the outlook


You can use Selectors with Wildcards, see o link bellow for better explanation.

Good luck!

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< wnd app=‘outlook.exe’ cls=‘rctrl_renwnd32’ title='ABC*.xlsx* ’ />
Try this!

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maybe you could delete “.xlsx*” too.use this:
< wnd app=‘outlook.exe’ cls=‘rctrl_renwnd32’ title='ABC*’ />

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Thanks @raymondhui your solutions works brilliantly!~ :grinning:

Thanks for the read up!

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