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I have a variable, I created it in a sequence let’s call it “Sequence1”
I changed it’s scope to its parent let’s call it “Main” sequence.

Then I’ve changed my mind, and I want to change the scope back to Sequence1, but it’s not an option anymore, it looks like when you select scope you can only chose from a “higher” level.
(parent sequence, or parent sequence of parent sequence, etc… ).

Now I think I need to delete and recreate the variable, is there any other way to change the scope, where I can select from any “scope” from my workflow, not only the from the “ancestors”? I don’t see the reason why this scope selecting was limited to move a variable only move “up” in the hierarchy, not down or “sideways” to any other sequence.


Hello @Robert_Lovasz

Are you just trying to change the scope of the variable? if yes, its possible to change the scope of variable in all the hierarchy which it will show in the variable panel.

For example if you have a separate sequence and you create a variable, initially the scope will be that particular sequence. Then if you need to change it to main, you can select from the variable panel.

Then if you again need to change it back, you can do it again.


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Hi @Robert_Lovasz ,

You can change the scope whenever you want.

Here I got it what problem you’re facing.

Since you want to change the scope from Main to sequence 1, you should open sequence 1, then you would be able to set the scope to it.

Please let me know in case of any confusion.


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Hi @Robert_Lovasz

Before you are attempting to change the scope back to the smaller sequence, make sure that the cursor/control/selected activity on canvas is on the smaller scope sequence , the dropdown the the scope you see on the variable panel shows the scope based on the current sequence activated in canvas.

If the control is on outmost sequence it just shows outmost scope.
if control is on the inmost sequence, it will show all the scope

Hope it helps.

Thanks and Regards
Rishabh Pandey

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Here I change the variable to Practice box (my highest level)

Then after I do some work somewhere else, then later I click on the Practice box (Select it), look at variable, and it doesn’t list me any other scope.

I think I know what was the issue, exactly what two of you explained, I did not click on the child “Sequence”.
I needed to select “the lowest” level scope in the chain to see all the parents as an option, its not showing the “child” scopes, which is very unusual way… but I am not surprised, UiPath does a lot of things upside down :smiley:

Yes, when I select an other scope, I can see all “ancestor” boxes, but not child or “sibling” level boxes. I hope you understand what I mean :smiley:
(in this picture I first clicked on the top “bar” of “Sequence 1.2” then it shown as an option.

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