Change Scheduled Delivery of Reports to be globally and centrally set up and managed

Today, you can schedule delivery of reports via email in Insights.

However, ONLY the person/user that set up the schedule and see/change their own schedules.

This is a problem.

First, if the person that set up the report delivery leaves your organization, you cannot change/update/view the report without UiPath assistance. (Per UiPath documentation: " Schedules are user-specific and can only be viewed by the user that created them in the Schedule/Alert Settings section."

Second, it creates the ability for multiple people to schedule reports for the same person and causes confusion.

Third, the current feature assumes that the business person is a user of Insights, and logins and sets up their own scheduled delivery reports.

I’d like to request that Scheduled Reports become a globally and centrally managed feature. Create a new section of Insights that let’s all authorized users of Insights, setup, view, and edit ALL set up scheduled deliveries of reports.

This would eliminate all the above problems, and would help both UiPath customers and UiPath support (as they wouldn’t have to help clean up from scheduled deliveries that have been orphaned by users that have left your organization.

Finally, it reduces the need to set up all business users as an Insights user to schedule deliveries of reports and manage them.


We are running into this same issue - We would love an enhancement for this!