Change reference of queue item


I have several items in the workqueue. Now, I want to perform the first step of the process for all items and change the reference of each item, showing the result of this first step - lets say, the result of the first step can be “A” and “B”.

Now, I perform the second step, only for items with reference “A” and after that the third step, only for items with the reference “B”.

So, I don’t want to process an item in “one peace flow” but step by step.

How can I change the reference without deleting the item and recreating it?

If you’re skilled with BluePrism, there I used the field “Tag” of the queue item, to do that.

Thank you,

Hi welcome to the community!
Are you already done with your process to the step you get the item for processing for the first time? You should have an object of type QueueItem that maybe you can change reference like:
item.Reference = "B"


thank you bcorrea. I still tried that. But the item is not updated in the orchestrator, as
you’re working with a local copy of the item (as far, as I understood).

Yep, i was hoping it would have some update method there or even get auto updated was you changed some property there, but if you tried and didnt work, maybe is not possible, if you are not using the Progress property, then try using it to save that Reference value, as this can be updated using Set Transaction Progress activity…