Change Queue Item Priority With Activity or API

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Occasionally the need arises to re-prioritize existing transaction items in a queue. Sometimes several thousand transaction items will need to be marked as high priority to meet a deadline. I built an ad-hoc robot to edit transaction item priorities one at a time using the web interface, but as you can probably imagine, that’s very slow and limits my access to Orchestrator while the robot runs.

What I would really like is an activity or API method to change a transaction item’s priority by its reference. So far, combing the forums and the API documentation hasn’t turned up what I’m looking for. I could delete the existing transaction items and re-add them with a modified priority, but that solution seems sloppy. It would make a lot more sense to simply edit this one attribute of the existing queue item rather than replace it entirely. Can anyone help?

There is an API method to do that: PUT /odata/QueueItems(1234). You can see it in swagger:

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Thank you, that’s exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve seen swagger mentioned in the API documentation, but I’m not familiar with it. Does swagger come included with an on-premise Orchestrator instance? There’s probably more to it than you’d want to regurgitate in a forum reply, so if you could point me to a documentation or help page that goes in depth, I’ll read up for myself!

Yes, those pages are found in all Orchestrator versions, including on-prem. Here are some docs about it: API References

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