Change Queue item data


I need to make a modification to a project another employee coded a few mths ago.

The scenario is that we have basic user data (userID) being scraped then uploaded to queue 1. The next process is using the userID in queue 1 we then scrape more user data and add it to the queue item then upload it to queue 2. The performer then uses that queue 2 to process those users (performer works fine)

The issue is the userID we need to replace a value e.g: userID = UId6546, I want to change it to userID = %6546. as the performer needs the % at the front to use a a wildcard.

Do I need to create a new Queue to upload queue 3 with the modified userID or can I do some magic before its uploaded into queue 2

Thank you for any assistance, this is not something I have had to look into before


While uploading to Queue 2 you can make a replace string as below

So this you can store in another variable and upload to the queue

Hope this may help you