Change of static part of path


In one of the flows that im working with, the file paths are locked somehow.
It can be seen by lokking into the invoke methods etc:

The full path is “C:\Systemate\UiPath Robot\RPA\TranspasProcess* Workflows\TranspassProcessing.xaml”

So i guess that there has been coded a static part somewhere. Can someone help in editing this, since the path have to be changed to: F:\PowerBI Reporting\Robotics\UiPath Robot\RPA\TranspasProcess

Can someone assist in making this change?


It’s not the locking,

If you are accesing files within the project folder, then you will not able to see the entire path, you can always go to the project folder and you can check the workflows

If you want you can manually change the path with entire full path

If you are keeping the files within the project then best practice is to leave as it is, so that if you publish the package and move to other system, then this won’t create any issue

For Example, You have the access of F:\ drive in your system, if you place the entire path and try to move the package to another system which don’t have the F:\ drive access

then this will creates the issue and you have to change the drive path again, but if you maintain all the files inside you project folder then it is very easy as your files always look into the project folder not in drive locations

Again, For the change of the path you can place the entire path with extension of the file within quotes replacing the existing

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