Change Label Or Move Email To Another Folder In Gmail Using GSuite Activities

How to move an email to folder or label an email in gmail using GSuite activities?

In Gmail, folders are referred to as Labels.

To change labels for an email in Gmail using GSuite activities, follow steps below

  1. Install GSuite activities
  2. Drag the Get Mail Messages activity into a GSuite Application scope activity from GSuite Activities package to workflow and configure the GSuite application scope with necessary details. (Refer GSuite Application Scope )
  3. Now use the Change Labels activity from same package while providing the from output of Get Mail Messages activity above
  4. Edit the NewLabels collection in the Change Labels activity to add the labels for the email. All the existing labels for the email would be removed and the labels in this list would be added to email
  5. Run the process.

Note: Add labels that already exist in the Gmail account. If any of the labels provided in the NewLabels collection doesn't exist, it would throw an error.

For example, if label "testlabel" does not exist in the Gmail account, error "Change Labels: You do not have the following labels: testlabel. Parameter name: NewLabels" would be thrown.