Change InputDialogs to arguments

Hello everyone! I have a big process with InputDialogs.
How I can change it on arguments?
For example, user choose: open chrome or explorer
I create boolean arguments for it. That now?

You need to use IF condition and 2 open browser activities, in each of those you can use a browser output variable and after one attach window that uses that variable.

No. I have a 8 argument to choose. That now?

more than 2 you can use a Switch activity…

No more elegant solution? I have a very big process

i dont think so…


in some cases multiple input dialogs can be handle with custom input

for other parts I can answer only more general as it depends on process specifics.

  • let User ask and answer for parameter (e.g.) with custom input dialog and store these values into Orchestrator Work Queue. The parameters can be stored to Queue item on ItemInformation Collection
    • this allows you to split the manually part of a process and in a second run the work can be done unattended by get triggered with the existens of Queue items

for parameter / scenario detection on runtime it will go to if/else cases or switch. But modelling this on a workflow chart gave more flexibility on changes as to do it within a sequence.

Hope this helped for the start. Maybe you can elaborate more on some details of your requirements