Change input from an 'Assign' when using 'Type Into'

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I have made a process that by the use of ‘Assign’ stores some information received by the name of an PDF file, this could be a date, e.g. stated 31.08.2020. That date will later on be used in a ‘Type Into’, however, instead of typing the exact date, 31.08.2020, it should be changed to 31-08-2020 (with hyphens instead).

How is that done? The reason why the date is not written like this from the start is because the hyphens are used as ‘split’ indicators, as there are four ‘Assign’ activities provided with information by the name of the PDF file.

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@SimonDalgaard You can just use a String Replace for that purpose.

Considering it is in a String format.

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