Change Informative Screenshot Causes Studio to Pop Back Up

I am trying to use Change Informative Screenshot within an Anchor Base to fix up a selector, but whenever I try to draw the red box that creates the screenshot, studio pops back onto the screen and blocks the window I am trying to take the screenshot on. There does not appear to be a way to stop this from happening. See the outcome below:

Hey @Jack_Moran

You are saying about the tool tip ?


Hi! @Jack_Moran ,

Once you deleted the informative screenshot for particular activitie. Id you re-indicate it on the screen also you can’t see the screenshot.

Either you have to take the new activity or you can use without Screenshot.

But the selector which you can indicated after you deleted the informative screenshot. The selectors will change. You can modify the selectors. But the thing is you can’t see the screenshot.


Hey there Nani,

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. My issue wasn’t that I couldn’t see the screenshot, it was that I couldn’t take the screenshot in the first place. Also, are you trying to say that I shouldn’t be trying to take a new screenshot in the first place?

Thanks! Jack

Hey Nithin, not quite! Whenever I go to the options for the activity and click ‘change informative screenshot’, a little red box shows up, and you are supposed to be able to draw a red box around what you want to screenshot. But as soon as I start drawing the red box, the studio opens back up on my screen, and I am unable to get a screenshot of the web application that was supposed to be on my screen. Hopefully this helps!

Thanks! Jack

Okay got it.

Could you please record a small video on these steps ?

And please mention your product version