Change hostname \ Server Name

Hey Hey,

I have an Orchestrator server and we need to change the hostname \ Server Name of it.
(Version 18.4.2) running on Server 2016

Has anyone done this before?
What kind of things should I look out for?

Many thanks in advance,

  • Jason


As far as i remember, while you installing the orchestrator and providing the certificate you will be prompted to provide the hostname. You can provide the hostname according to your need at that time.


Hey @siddu509

Yes, that makes sense to me.
However, this is for a fully functioning server that is fully setup, and that is operating just fine without issue.

We just need to change the hostname of the server.


That you should be able to do it in your IIS server where you hosted the orchestrator i believe. When you check the properties of the orchester web site deployed in the IIS serve there you might have the option to change your hostname.
Sorry i dont have access to the orchetrator server otherwise i would have provided much detailed information.


Are you referring to the bindings in IIS?

I think so but i am not sure. Its been long time i worked on orchestrator installation and i dont have access now to confirm it sorry.

Hey @siddu509

I can see how I would need to change bindings in IIS, but would there be anything else that should be of concern?

Does anyone else have any suggestions or has done this before?
I know that this is mostly just an IIS server, but still hoping for some more information if possible.

Many thanks in advance

  • Jason


Anyone have any help on this?

@jsmithers311 were you able to figure out how to change the name of the server