Change Horizontal Data to Vertical in same excel continously Excel TRANSPOSE Function

Hi Uipath community ,

I am new in Uipath and need your help to understand how to change a certain qty of columns arranged Horizontally and want to take all data to Transpose Vertically

Hi Carlos,
this type of activity is not defined in UiPath. I have tried searching for Custom Activities as well but couldn’t succeed. So you have to write your own code. if your data (row X column) is big so you can write your own code in C# like this.

private DataTable GenerateTransposedTable(DataTable inputTable)
DataTable outputTable = new DataTable();

 // Add columns by looping rows

 // Header row's first column is same as in inputTable

 // Header row's second column onwards, 'inputTable's first column taken
 foreach (DataRow inRow in inputTable.Rows)
     string newColName = inRow[0].ToString();

 // Add rows by looping columns        
 for (int rCount = 1; rCount <= inputTable.Columns.Count - 1; rCount++)
     DataRow newRow = outputTable.NewRow();

     // First column is inputTable's Header row's second column
     newRow[0] = inputTable.Columns[rCount].ColumnName.ToString();
     for (int cCount = 0; cCount <= inputTable.Rows.Count - 1; cCount++)
         string colValue = inputTable.Rows[cCount][rCount].ToString();
         newRow[cCount + 1] = colValue;

 return outputTable;


and import the nuget package in Uipath.

If your data is very small you can try the same in Uipath with "Build Data table ", “Add Column”, “Add row” activities.

Happy coding.


Hi, I am learning C# programming. Any recommendations that can help me ? I use Zet Excel platform for a while.and it really paid off for me.