Change from try to finaly part

Good day, a for each row is stored in a try part. After completing the try part, the robot should switch to the final part and then back to the for each for the next row. So far this has worked for all processes. I don’t understand why in my new process the robot only changes to the final part after it has run through all rows. What can be the cause?

Hi @Prisemuetchen ,

If the For Each Row in DataTable is present inside the Try Block, then as the logic dictates, it will only pass into the Finally Block once →

  • Everything in the Try has been processed
  • If an Exception occurs and it passes into the Catch, and then into the Finally.

If that doesn’t solve your query, then additional clarity into the process you are trying to develop will put us in a much better position to assist you.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @Prisemuetchen

Kindly refer this video if you want more information on try catch mechanism


@Prisemuetchen For each row executes all the rows in a datatable one after the other. So, the second case which you were telling was the right functionality of for each row activity

I think in the first case you might be missing some logic to mention here. After final part if it loops back to the for each row then it can’t continue from the row where it left off. Once the control comes out of for each row the values will be reset and it no longer remember upto which row it has executed

The Try part isn’t completed until the For Each Row is completed.