Change failed queue item status to new

I have a requirement to change failed queue item status to new in reframework
Any suggestions or workaround

Hi @Purushothaman_S

Check out this thread. Thi might help you.

You can re add the transaction items which has been failed or clone the same transaction items in the queue.
You can do the below way:

  1. Click on the three dots of the queue and click View Transaction
  2. select the required transaction and click on three dots
  3. You will get an option to Clone
  4. Click on that clone and click Creat Queue ite.
  5. A New transaction item will be added to the queue.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Purushothaman_S ,

Thanks for reaching out UiPath Community.

yes if your transaction item failed and you want to process it again you can follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to your desired queue.
  2. Select Transaction Item having Failed Status.
  3. Click three dots and From the dropdown select “Clone”
  4. Then click on “Create queue item” as follows

your queue item status will be changed to new and you can process.

Hope this works for you.

Happy Automation,

Hi @Purushothaman_S

You cannot change the status back …you need to re add them…for that you can use get queue items and add back

Use Get Queue Items Activity and we need to select the Failed status in the properties–> For Each loop to iterate and add Queue Items Activity to add them in to the Queue


Hello @Purushothaman_S
You can Re-Add the queue Item directly from the Orchestartor bu Create Queue item option on Failed queue Item.
Otherwise use Get Queue Item with Property as Failed Status and get the data of queue item and again add it usinng Add queue item activity


Hi @Purushothaman_S

There is no way to change the status of Queue item from failed to New, Instead of this you can create a new queue item with the same details of failed queue item. You can use Add Transaction Item activity to add the item to the queue.

Hope it helps!!

1.Get Queue Item
2.Set postpone item time to Now.
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