Change existing yyyyMMdd(20190701) to next month(20190801)

hi fnds,

In notepad how to change
1)existing yyyyMMdd(20190701) in notepad to (20190801)next monthscript

Thanks in advance

Hey @venkateshtangudu,

store all the notepad text inside the string variable and replace the hardcoded dates with the syntax below wherein required.

You can use the syntax below to get the desired result:“yyyyMMdd”) for current date in yyyyMMdd format“yyyyMMdd”) For next month same date in yyyyMMdd format

Hello @venkateshtangudu
You can do this with the help of Regex by getting that date and converting it to Datetime and than replacing it again using Regex please check this workflow for better understanding
ReplacingMonth.xaml (6.4 KB)