Change email subject read using Exchange server and move to different folder


I need to change the Subject of a mail retrieved from Exchange server and move it to another folder.

I found Alphabet package that performs this task but it is only for Outlook and I can’t use Outlook activities. Please help.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ShruthiSreedhar :wave:

Have you tried Move Exchange Mail Message activity?


@monsieurrahul I need to change Subject before moving. Moving is not an issue, changing mail subject is where I have trouble.

Try this:

  1. Get emails using Get Exchange Mail Message activity

  2. Use a for loop (change the type argument as System.Net.MailMessage) and iterate through the list of fetched emails

  3. Try to change the subject by using the Subject property.

If you are not able to get it, let me know so I can share you a workflow.

Cheers @ShruthiSreedhar :slight_smile:

@monsieurrahul No just using the Subject property won’t work.I had tried it before.
I finally wrote .Net code to achieve the same using Microsoft Exchange Web service and it is working now.
Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

That’s nice, could you please share the solution here so it could benefit others? Thanks in advance!


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