Change duplicate column names

Can anyone help me how to change repeating column names in excel in ui path.

Hi @Gattu_Monika,

I hope this post will give you an idea:

You can then use this in an Assign activity to change the names:

DataTable.Columns(Column Index).ColumnName= 'ABC'


DataTable.Columns("columnName").ColumnName= 'ABC'


Thanks @1996

@Gattu_Monika Hope this will helps, if it works mark it as solution


But i would like to know how to find duplicate column names and rename them dynamically

Hi ,

I came across the Snippet in the uipath connect .

Can you try this.

Yes I will try it. Thanks @Priyanka_Ramesh

I don’t know why but I was not able to use above snippet can you please say if there is any other way to rename about 10 duplicate columns in datatable according to their count