Change default version for a new project


Currently whenever a new library is published for the first time it automatically sets v1.0.1 version rather than v1.0.0


Could you please fix it so the first publish would be v1.0.0 without the need for manual overwrite?



Go to the Project.json file(Open it with notepad) and remove the project version line.
Make sure the code is closed in the studio while changing it in Jason file
then publish the code and give a new version with 1.0.0


Well there’s no need to do that :slight_smile:
You can overwrite that value when publishing via the Studio even if the value you are setting is the same as your current version which would have the same result (without meddling with the project file).

It’s not that I don’t know how to change it … I should not have to change it :slight_smile:

Ultimately it’s an unexpected/undesirable behavior. When I create a new project and publish it for the first time, there’s no reason why the Studio should default to v1.0.1 rather than v.1.0.0


How often do you publish your project in the final version from the first attempt? What I mean is do you really end up with 1.0.0 in production or you will do sequential publishes and end up with a much larger id?

I am trying to understand how often are you in the situation that the default provided by studio is wrong for you.

Hey @alexandru ,

To be honest that happens quite often - often enough to notice :slight_smile:

I try to remember to overwrite that value but more often than not I end up checking the pre-release checkbox but forget to overwrite the version and end up publishing 1.0.1-alpha rather than 1.0.0-alpha

I know that, at the end of the day it’s something that can easily be changed while publishing but it would still be nice to have the default values in tact