Change Date from this result 2020 02 25 to this 2020 2 05

Hello all

I have a multiple assign that helps to obtain year , month and day with 4 digits in year , 2 digits for month and day

Validating the web page were I need to add that date , must add year with 4 digits , month only 1 digit and day 2 digits

How can I take only the 1 digit page its requesting to be added for month?

I have this for month OldDate.Substring(0,2).Replace("/","")


Usually reformating a date is not done on string base / manipulations.
the date string is parsed to a datetime and from this the other string representation / formating is retrieved:

find starter help here:
Carlos_Solano.xaml (5.0 KB)

not sure about the different dates in the title. However this also an be achieved e.g. with the addDays… methods from the datetime Class

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Thanks , will check on that now