Change date from dd/mm/yy into dd-MMM-yyyy


Im new to this forum. Not sure what catergories to be selected. Please bare with me.

Im having some difficulty in the changing the date format of given date. Any idea how to do this?

Hey @Preethi2 ,

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Check the below post.

The solution is :-
1.create a variable of string “yourDate”
2.assign yourDate = “27/11/21”
3.Output = DateTime.ParseExact(yourDate , dd/MM/yy ,CultureInfo.InvariantCulture,DateTimeStyles.None).ToString(“dd-MMM-yyyy”)


Hi @pavithra_pavi ,

Thank you for the quick reply. I tried the given solution, it worked!!!.

Thanks again!!!

Hi @Preethi2

Check the below link for date format


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Hi @Gokul001 ,

Thank you!!!, I will surely check it out!!!

@Preethi2 ,

Happy to help :slight_smile:

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