Change compression type

I have a TIFF file (image) and the compression type
I want to change it to:

I need an urgent answer
Thank you!!!

@tamar.m - What is the software you currently using it for opening the tiff file??

In our Publishing system, we used Adobe PDF Pro or Nuance PDF Converter to Change the tiff compression type. So you need some software to do this job for you.

Since I dont have that software now, I am not sure whether Group 4 Fax compression is available.

I have a file that is a PDF and I turn it into a TIFF file by using Active
Export PDF Page As Image
Then I just need to change the compression
Need help

@tamar.m - Whatever software which you are using it to convert to PDF to Tiff, check if there is an option to change the compression type(during Save as process)…

May i know what software you are using to convert PDF to Tiff?

There is no option in the properties of the activity to change the compression type
What is meant by which software? I have no software I have a PDF file and I only use activity