Change all activities to simulate type

I finished my rpa project and now I should move it on a VM. The robot should work with closed VM, so I have to set all the activities to simulate type and there are a lot of activities.
Is there any way to set all of them to simulate type or I should go one by one?

Hi @Victor_Stanescu

If you are feeling brave, then the flow you see in Studio is a XAML text file under the hood. You could observe the difference in code between the Simulate Type on and off and then run a simple text find-replace on the file in, i.e. Notepad++.

That seems like the fastest method to achieve it, currently. We are working on a Find/Replace feature for Studio though, don’t worry! :smiley:


Nice workaround. It worked!
This will save me some time.

Thank you!

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