Challenges in migrating attended desktop bot to vdc

Hi there

Currently, we have a desktop bot which needs to be migrated into VDC environment. The bot is installed in desktop while the applications are in CITRIX. The bot basically reads the fresher emails from the outlook and uploads the files in the Oracle accordingly. This bot has been triggered manually now in every 1 hr. I would like to know what are the basic parameters and criteria to be met before we move the bot to an orchestrator.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Karthika_Nair

The basic requirement is for the two environments to be as similar as possible. The more different the two machines will be, the more debugging and corrections will need to be done to get the process up and running again.
Additionally, if processes are to be scheduled from Orchestrator, the target Machine needs be able to connect to it.

Let us know if you would have more questions.