Challenge with "using the Connection String" method

We don’t have admin rights on desktops where robots runs. To get anything done on multiple machines, we have to get a package created (which is bit of process). As such, we got package created for connecting a Robot to Orchestrator.

As Connection String is based on Tenant, Challenge we are having is, as we are creating more tenant, we are required to get more packages created (i.e. 1 separate package for each tenant). For instance, if we have to create 20 Tenants, we will need to have 20 packages. Creating & managing 20 packages is lot of headache of us, ideally we would want single Package which allows connecting to any tenant.

Suggestion is to have ‘Connection String’ based on instance rather than based on Tenant. That means, connection string should something like:

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.