Challange: Text to speech, non english

I’ve been over all topics on this forum with a comb trying to follow up on any and all links i could find. But nothing is touching the option of using the build in voices of WIN10.

I’m trying to do TTS for danish and MS do have a female voice for this, and i’ve installed it.
Here is the overview:
I’ve tried a ton of AHK solutions but without luck changing the voice and i’m hitting a wall with UI Path as well.
Still learning but i simple code example would suffice :slight_smile:

I’ve even gone so far as to look into cognitive packs, but it seems like it’s only Speech to text.

Hope anyone can help?

Found this PromptBuilder.StartVoice Method (CultureInfo) (Microsoft.Speech.Synthesis) | Microsoft Learn but i have no clue how to use it. (Trying to edit OP but keep getting error when saving)

I’ve come so far as to use SAPI in AHK, and got my localized TTS voice (Microsoft Helle) to register with SAPI. I can call it but i would like to implement it into an UI Path robot, how to do so. I get that we have the System.Speech.Synthesis to work with but it does not see the voice i mention, only SAPI do and i have no clue why. Any help here would be much appreciated

I’ve already tried to add SAPI and then SAPI.SpVoice in the xaml file without luck, still cannot use it in UI Path

Her’s the code for AHK, and if they can do it i guess there is a way for UI Path as well???

voice := ComObjCreate(“SAPI.SpVoice”)
voice.Voice := voice.GetVoices(“Name=Microsoft Helle”).Item(0)
voice.rate := -2
voice.volume := 100
voice.Speak(“Hej med dig hvordan går det?”)