Certifications: Advanced RPA (legacy), UiRPA, and UiARD

As of now, there are 3 UiPath certifications: the legacy Advanced RPA certification which is free until April 30th, 2020, and the two new certifications, UiRPA and UiARD (all 3 referenced in the links below). The latter 2 are not free.

So my question is: Which certifications should one have?

This is a broad question, so I’ll elaborate. For example, the site indicates that the UiARD is for advanced developers and takes a deep dive into using UiPath, whereas the UiRPA is more conceptual and requires building a basic bot process.

So does this make the legacy certification less valuable than these two? If I take the advanced UiARD certification exam, is it worth having the UiRPA certificate, or is it just simpler subjects which are already covered in the UiARD?

I’m weighing my options and deciding if I should wait to take these exams when my legacy certification expires.


Latest Certifications UiRPA and UiARD:


Looking at the learning paths/training contents of both, it seems if you get UiARD, you do not need to get UiRPA, as the latter is contained in the former (see below):

UiRPA Training:

  1. RPA Starter Kit
  2. RPA Developer Foundation
  3. UiPath Documentation on Workflow Testing and Logging

UiARD Training:

  1. RPA Starter Kit
  2. RPA Developer Foundation
  3. Advanced RPA Developer
  4. AI Computer Vision 2.0
  5. UiPath Platform 19.4 Updates
  6. UiPath Platform 2019.10 Updates
  7. UiPath Documentation on Workflow Testing and Logging

These 2 certificates do not expire like the legacy Advanced RPA Developer certificate, which will expire and be retired after 1 year from April 30, 2020.

So the options seem to be:

  1. Go for legacy Advanced RPA Developer certification if you do not want to pay $150-200 for a UiPath certification in the next few weeks, if you can complete the training (14 courses+ and exam by April 30, 2020 (i.e. in ~2 weeks!), and if it expiring in 1 year does not affect your goals.
  2. Go for UiRPA certification if you want a basic, simple (13 courses+), priced ($150), non-expiring certification.
  3. Go for UiARD certification if you want an advanced (17 courses+), terminal certification for comparatively cheaper ($200), where both new certificates do not expire.

At this time, there does not seem to be a cheaper option to get UiARD if you already have UiRPA. If this is correct, hopefully this is something UiPath will introduce in future.

Note that all stated data is as of the time of writing. Refer to UiPath website for latest information.

More information:

  1. RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath
  2. https://academy.uipath.com (go to ‘Learning Plans’ tab)

I am actually in the process of making this same decision myself! :slight_smile: Goodluck!


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