Certification: UiPath studio Community or trial Enterprise?

Hi Everyone!

Could someone please advice what shall I do, if my trial license for Studio has already expired , but I did not pass the practical part of Certification Exam yet?
Is there any way to request it again for some short time just for learning/certification purposes (if so, where?), please? As I can see in the link below , the community edition is not proper for certification :frowning:

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No worries buddy @olya
Kindly contact the technical support team of uipath and tell them your situation…You will guided very kindly and correctly

I got really a good experience with them, hope you would to for sure

Hi @olya

Yes, you can renew your community license :slight_smile:
Please see the link below:

Additional info: You can get your device ID (which you need to accomplish the form above) in the Help section of UiPath Studio. See screenshot below:

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:
Thanks and regards :slight_smile:


Hi @olya

The approach @Jan_Brian_Despi mentioned should work for you…


Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi , @Lahiru.Fernando

Sorry, you mean I can renew Community license and it will be enough for Certification?
The comparing of Enterprise and Community editions (my link above) says that Community does not support certificating…

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Hi @olya

When we did our certification, we just used the community edition :slight_smile:
Community Edition is enough to get you certified :slight_smile:


Buddy @olya ,
community edition is good enough buddy @olya

I hope it will be enough then , I mean the community edition :slight_smile:
Many thanks @Palaniyappan @Jan_Brian_Despi @Lahiru.Fernando :slight_smile:


It will :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I hope that you ace the certification soon :slight_smile:


Fantastic buddy
All the very best for your exams buddy @olya

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sorry guys @Palaniyappan @Jan_Brian_Despi ,

I have uninstalled the Studio, cleared the folders:
C:\Users%user%\AppData\Local\UiPath (like many people advise before re-installation)

but looks like now the things became even worse: somehow I “am able” to activate now only Enterprise (but I don’t have key), although the studio itself seems to be Community… :sob: What could I do with this please?..


No worries… we can get the community license through the orchestrator since you have that option available.

Go to below url and create a community orchestrator tenant. This is free.


Now, connect your local uipath robot with the orchestrator. Use the below steps…

The forum also has many posts regarding this which you can search for…

Once the robot is successfully connected, come back to this screen and click on get license from orchestrator…

It will work for you


Thank you so much @Lahiru.Fernando !!! :slightly_smiling_face::blush:
I finally managed to install the Community edition (after trial expired) and connect the robot to Orchestrator, at least the studio works now again, hope it will be enough for certification :smile:


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