Certification reaults

Hello uipath team
I submitted my certification practical exam on 24th
I think its automated but I did not yet get results yet
I know its holiday for Christmas


Because of holidays it got delayed. Please check it tomorrow.

Is it manual grading?
Thanks I will wait

Kindly wait for few more hours…
For more queries our academy team could help you on this

Cheers @Rayudu_Addagarla

Hey @Rayudu_Addagarla

The delay could be due to the holidays. However, on the same day evening one of my team mates also did the practical exam. But she got the final result just within minutes.

Wait for few more hours and see whether it gives you the result. If not, contact the academy team through the link shared by @Palaniyappan

Good Luck!!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I sent message to Palaniyappan

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I wrote practical exam today on xmas, but i have not received result yet. It has been 3 hrs since. Not sure, is this delay expected? Isn’t it an automated validation?

Got my result today. I am certified now. I personally believe one need to master robotic enterprise framework and advanced level 3 practicals to easily clear the certification. Certification is just start of my automation journey. Thank you everyone

How long did it take to get result
Mine submitted on 24th and not graded yet

I submitted on 25th evening n received mine after 60 hrs. Guess these guys are clearing queue slowly. Hope u will receive result soon. Best wishes to u