Certification quiz - have to stay on screen?

I started the certification quiz and switched to another application after three (correct as it turns out) questions and the quiz immediately closed and failed on me. I can understand if this is a measure to stop people looking at the documentation while doing the quiz, but if so YOU NEED TO TELL PEOPLE IN ADVANCE THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN.

I now only have 2 tries left, and have to wait 24 hours, all because you didn’t tell me that I couldn’t look at another application while taking the quiz.

If this was not supposed to happen then someone let me know, though with only two lives left I’ll definitely not be switching anywhere next time.

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I dont remember if this is the case, but im sure that i just started it as i was sure to focus 100% on it…

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Same here. as @bcorrea mentioned, I was also trying to remember how it worked when I was doing it… but I don’t… Only thing is, when you are doing the certification, just make sure you are ready for it, and focus 100% and try to give the correct answer without looking at notes.

That’s the best way… and that’s how I did it too…